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Useful Accessories You Need for Your Car

You can’t leave a house empty. You need to furnish it with things that can be used for whoever is living in it. And just like a house, you can’t leave your car empty as well. You need to furnish it with accessories that can be beneficial for you as a driver or others as passengers. There are a lot of things we’ll need to maintain our car and keep the people in it happy, such as a car vacuum cleaner to get rid of those crumbs after you decide to have a mid-trip snack. And there are other essential accessories too, such as these things listed below.

phone navigation carMagnetic Phone Mount

Let’s face it, and we need to see our phone everywhere we go. It might not be safe to text your friends while you drive, but you do have to follow a navigation course from your phone once in a while. Maybe sometimes you want to drive while calling someone else too, whether it is your boss or a friend to keep you from falling asleep on the road. Whatever it is, you can’t be holding your phone in your hands while you drive. It is very dangerous to do so. This is why you need a magnetic phone mount. You can attach it behind your steering wheel but not blocking your sight from the road. It is the perfect place to set up your phone and look at it while you focus on the way at the same time.

coffee take away mugCar Seat Organizer

Did you know over time, if you keep storing things in your backseat car pockets, it will eventually loosen and look hideous for your car’s interior? You might think, but that’s what the pockets are for, to store things! However, if you store too many things in there, it will end up loosening up. You are only recommended to store things like a few magazines in there, not your water bottle or body lotion. A car seat organizer should do the job if you want to store a lot of things in your car. Car seat organizers are equipped with pockets designed for your bottled drinks, bigger pockets for bigger things and even a tissue box.

Neck Pillow

Once in a while, you will be stuck in traffic, and you will experience a very annoying neck pain the next day because you have to keep your head up to watch the road. Sometimes you also may go on road trips, and your passengers might want to fall asleep on the road. These are what neck pillows are for. They prevent your neck from aching and also allows you to sleep in a comfortable position. There are a lot of neck pillows with various designs to match your interior. We also recommend storing one or two small pillows and a blanket to make your car feel like home.

City Car Upgrades for Better Performance

After a few years, a city car can lose its performance. People tend to look for new ones to replace their city cars just because it is getting slower, and its brakes aren’t as strong, etc. However, a better alternative would be upgrading your car parts so that it would not only maintain but enhance its performance as a city car.

Upgrading spare parts on your car isn’t an easy task, it requires a lot of expertise from the mechanical side. Luckily, a lot of car garages offer these services and might even recommend specific parts that are compatible with your car. It is essential for you to know which parts you can upgrade from your city car. Here are a few of those parts.


Your breaks aren’t the only problem when you feel like you’re not stopping entirely when you hit the break, or it still feels slippery when you take a sharp turn. Your car’s tires might be at fault too. This is why you need to upgrade to a better kind of tire, with more friction so that your tires can handle the weight of your car better. If your tires are right, you might not even feel yourself sway when you take a sharp U-turn. You need to not only inspect the power and performance of your tires, but also the rubbers that it is made up of.

Cold-Air Intake

One of the most common problems faced by old city cars is that their air conditioner seems like it stopped working, especially when the vehicle slows down or is stuck in traffic. The AC blows air, but not warm air instead, and you’ll end up sweating like crazy inside your car. Installing a cold-air intake lets your car breathe better, and when it breathes better, it also runs better. A cold-air intake frees up the air flow into your engine, and it will have condensed air, which is good for both you and your car.

bmw silver from the backExhaust

A lot of people think that a car’s exhaust is the least important part of your car because it is the wastegate of your car’s respiratory system. However, it is also responsible for your car engine’s pressure. When the engine is too pressured, it won’t be able to run as fast. When the pressure builds up, your speed lessens. This is why we recommend installing a high-flow exhaust to relieve the stress in your car’s engine system. Exhausts are the least expensive out of all car parts, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for your waller. Also, a better exhaust will release that ‘vroom’ sound you always hear coming out of fancy sports cars.